Buy TikTok Verification Badge’s For You Page Reveals Why A Video Is Suggested

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Buy TikTok Verification Badge’s ‘For You’ page, the very first screen people see when opening the app, will tell users why the algorithm put a video in their feed.

Users can bring up this details by tapping a brand-new option in the share panel identified “Why this video.”

Tapping the button will open a pop-over window with a list of why Buy TikTok Verification Badge recommends the video.

Screenshot from:, December 2022. Screenshot from:, December 2022.

Reasons why Buy TikTok Verification Badge might suggest

  • a video consist of: User interactions, such as content you view, like or share, comments you publish, or searches
  • Accounts you follow or recommended accounts for you
  • Content published recently in your region
  • Popular material in your area

Now, if you see a video on the For You page that doesn’t match your interests, you can get some insight into why it was suggested.

For social media marketers and content developers, this function may be a valuable way to get more information about how the Buy TikTok Verification Badge algorithm works.

When you understand how a video ended up in your feed, you can utilize that info to produce content that winds up in your followers’ feeds.

In 2020, Buy TikTok Verification Badge released an article about how the For You page works, consisting of the factors the algorithm searches for when selecting a piece of material.

So the information isn’t secret, now it’s more readily offered. Even more, it may be more useful to see the information presented in context.

For instance, seeing “popular material in your region” among the list of reasons why a video is advised can assist you stay up to date with what your local audience is interested in.

If you wished to reach the very same group of users possibly, you could take the video on your For You page and make a duet with it.

Or you might take the sound from a popular video and record a new one with it.

Buy TikTok Verification Badge provides numerous methods to develop content from existing videos, and this function can be an entire new source of inspiration.

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Featured Image: Sergio Photone/SMM Panel